October 2019 ★★★★★

At the beginning of this year, I decided to start looking into a new home because I was tired of living by myself. After visiting all of the communities in Vacaville, I decided on one place that felt just as comfortable as my home was. Paramount House was my choice…[Read More]

Gesa Stengel, Google

November 2017 ★★★★

My mother is a resident in their Memory Care and she is very happy. I visit a couple times a week and the caregivers are always friendly and seem to care for the residents. I would recommend Paramount House to anyone who is looking for a place for their loved one.

Kelli C., Yelp

October 2019 ★★★★

My mom has been living at Paramount now for nearly four months, and hasn’t been this happy in years. She had been living alone in her home getting home care three times a week, but at 92, it was time to move her to a more stable environment. Since she didn’t want to move to Oregon where my wife and I live, we were very lucky to find her a spot at Paramount House. She is stubborn, and did not want to move into a “home”, but once we took her in showed her around and met the staff…[Read More]

R Morgan, Google

March 2017 ★★★★★

My mother lived at Paramount House for 2 years until she passed away in April 2016 and it was a great experience for the whole family. Mom made great friends and enjoyed her independence in her apartment because of all the support she received. We knew she was well taken care of and the staff was always responsive to her needs. I was there at least once a week during the length of her stay and I always found the facility clean and the residents happy and engaged. It has a “family feel” and it is smaller than some of the other local options so it was perfect for my mother.

Michelle Winchester, Google